Saturday, August 11, 2007

Granada - A fantastic bohemian city - I could get lost here for months - Please come and find me here !!

Granada - I can't do this place justice on my blog. I could fast see why our tour leader Monica loved this place. From the small arabic styled streets to the alhambra's palace and the city's overall bohemian flavour ( and thats not just in the air) Granada is a place to lose yourself.

I figured that out very quickly here.

It has a blend of cultures - still ever present today. Moorish, Jewish, Spanish... all who have coexisted for centuries together.

But with many universities today it also it has a young crowd - as well as lots of art, music and sport...

It has great restaurants, cafes, tapas bars - I did not find a bad place to go. There were thriving bars and clubs... even mid week ..

It has hippies too ! And It is bohemian in every sense I even saw people taking drugs in the streets.

This is a place not to be missed - Some time in the future I will return here...
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Pablo Lopez said...

Hey Daniel!! This is Pablo, from NY...remenber me?? :) your blog is really cool, I read it glad that you are having a great time in my country!!! I am in Galicia now on holidays, and I'll be around Madrid at the end of the month...what are your plans? let me know!!!



Anonymous said...

Pablo - of course - my next time in Madrid may be about 13-15th September - if I go to my friend victor's birthday - you can email me on